Announcing EPIC Summits!

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We're excited to announce our first EPIC Summit on May 19, 2022! 

Our first Summit, “What’s Next versus What’s Valuable: Ethnography in a Future-Focused World”, is designed and hosted by Louise Vang Jensen (Partner & Director of Research) and Lea Møller Svendsen (Consultant) at Is It a Bird.

What are EPIC Summits?

It's a new way for EPIC people to connect and collaborate in a lively virtual space outside the “Zoom box”. A more substantial (and more fun!) than a webinar, but more bite-sized than a conference, Summits are designed by EPIC Members to galvanize the incredible expertise of our community and build meaningful connections with each other.

What can you expect?

We will gather in SpatialChat—a virtual environment that uses spatial sound, movement, and video avatars. Collaborating in this space is a great way to learn, experiment, network, and be present together online. It supports expert presentations, working groups, and more fluid movement around rooms designed for networking and socializing.

Our Summit director and master of ceremonies is Lydia Timlin Broussard, Lead Strategic Designer at BCG Digital Ventures. Lydia co-led the team that created EPIC2021's social and networking programs in SpatialChat. We had a blast exploring and connecting in SpatialChat during the conference, and we’re thrilled that Lydia is extending the energy of that engagement through 2022.

Summits are free for EPIC Memberswe invite you to learn more about membership and join us!