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Design Anthropology and Design Culture: In Pursuit of a Well-Thought World

Learn about new concepts and practices in the evolving intersections of ethnography and design. An EPIC Talk with ADAM DRAZIN, University College London Overview This talk explores the role of ethnographers when collaborating with designers, and especially about how material culture can play a part in this collaboration. There is no longer a clear distinction between ‘design’ and ‘culture’. In everyday life, people commonly understand their own everyday environments as design, so design culture is no longer limited to professional studios and labs. This presents ethnographers with the need to adapt. They no longer deliver understandings of culture ‘to’ designers, but have to work between two kinds of design cultures, professional and everyday. Their work has to resonate with both, seeming exclusive and professional in some sites, accessible and ordinary in others. Working on materiality can help anthropologists to productively bridge these design sites. Materiality here means not only taking the material...