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Framing Brands and Markets: Consumer Culture Theory

An EPIC Talk moderated by RITA DENNY (Practica Group & EPIC) with: DAVID CROCKETT (University of South Carolina), AMBER EPP (University of Wisconsin), CRAIG THOMPSON (University of Wisconsin), & SUNAINA SCHULTZ (Grounded Insights LLC) Approx 78 minutes Description Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) looks at consumers, brands, and markets from a social and cultural vantage point. From Sid Levy’s famous 1955 HBR article, “Symbols for Sale,” to today’s thriving scholarship and practice across the globe, this research tradition offers powerful approaches to think about consumers as social beings creating meanings in and through the marketplace. CCT people have had an ongoing presence at EPIC conferences and contribute important insights about the making of markets, consumption experiences, design of products and spaces, brand strategies, and identities. This panel of leading CCT researchers will cover key CCT concepts and new frontiers in the field, as well as engage participants in conversation about the intersections...