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Walking the Interface: Uncovering Practices through ‘Proxy Technology Assessment’

JO PIERSON, AN JACOBS, KATRIEN DREESSEN, ISABEL VAN DEN BROECK, BRAM LIEVENS and WENDY VAN DEN BROECK This paper describes the method of “proxy technology assessment”, which implies the formalisation of using current technological objects available on the market to generate a richer understanding of future everyday life practices with new media technologies. First, the theoretical framework grounded in theories of social constructivism and domestication is being outlined. Here the concept of “users as innovators” is placed at the centre. Next the concept and the method of proxy technology assessment is presented and elaborated. The results of a recent case study on mobile television on a handheld device are used to illustrate this method. In conclusion we reflect on the possibilities of the integration of the insights gained with this method in the design loop....