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Tutorial: Agile for Researchers

CARRIE YURY BeyondCurious CHRIS YOUNG BeyondCurious Overview Agile is taking the design world by storm, and requiring teams—including researchers—to rethink how we communicate, plan, and act. But is it possible, or even desirable, to apply agile methodologies to ethnographic research? We respond with a resounding yes! While agile requires some new skills, and a different mindset, in our experience by adapting to agile researchers can have an even greater impact on teams. In this tutorial you will: Plan your own agile research sprints •     Resourcing, sprint planning, meeting cadence, reviews/retrospectives Become familiar with the terminology used by agile teams •     Epics, user stories, stand-ups Get an overview of common tools used to facilitate agile research, for example •     Trello, Jira, Trint, ScheduleOnce, InVision Learn about the frameworks BeyondCurious uses to guide Agile research •     MVF, Experience Principles, XIS Develop...