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Ethnography for Organizational Change

An EPIC Talk with DANIEL BEUNZA, Bayes Business School & JOHN CURRAN, JC & Associates Organizations are realizing that successful change requires the ability to understand work practices as cultural practices. They need to go beyond the ubiquitous employee survey to develop a more holistic view of meaning and behavior as they unfold on the ground. Join management professor Daniel Beunza and business anthropologist John Curran in an informative and illuminating discussion of ethnography’s role in organizational change. Drawing on a wide range of scholarship as well as their own work in multiple sectors and industries, they will address: Theories and models of organizational change How technologies and material work systems underpin moral systems Why ethnography is essential for decoding organizational culture and facilitating change Ethnography as a management tool Beunza will also share key insights from his award-winning book Taking the Floor: Models, Morals and Management in a Wall Street...