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Exploring Ethnofutures

An EPIC Talk with MIRIAM LUECK AVERY (Mozilla), J.A. ENGLISH-LUECK (San Jose State University), LYNN JEFFERY (Institute for the Future), & FERNANDO GALDINO The anthropological imagination can be exponentially expanded by anticipating the consequences of human action. Futures thinking—strategic research that helps us systematically explore what the future may hold—is increasingly being combined with anthropological techniques to create an emerging area of research called Ethnographic Futures, or ethnofutures. Ethnofutures helps us sense cultural and behavioral change in order to forecast long-term impacts and societal transformations. In this webinar we have three objectives. First, we want to introduce EPIC practitioners to an ethnofutures approach, laying the foundation for how anticipatory anthropology and futures thinking can be used in ethnographic practice. Second, we will identify several techniques that can be used to think systematically about possible futures, using today’s evidence. Finally, we will...