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Anthro-Vision: A Manifesto for Ethnography in Business

Watch GILLIAN TETT, author of Anthro-Vision and editorial board chair (US) of the Financial Times, in conversation with DONNA K. FLYNN, VP Global Talent Management at Steelcase, and SIMON ROBERTS, EPIC Board President  Anthro-Vision is a powerful argument for the predictive, strategic, practical, and moral value of understanding the world through a cultural lens. In her new book, Gillian Tett describes the framework that fuels her award-winning business journalism, including her prediction of the 2007/8 financial crisis. This cultural lens also drives the wealth of examples—many from the  EPIC community—that Tett uses to showcase ethnographic impact in business, politics, global health, and policy making. In this conversation hosted by EPIC Board President Simon Roberts, Gillian Tett talks with Donna Flynn about: The elements of Anthro-Vision—“a framework that enables you to see around corners, spot what is hidden in plain sight, gain empathy for others, and fresh insights on problems” (Tett) How they build understanding...