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Tutorial: Research Recruitment—How to Find and Connect to Participants

Instructors: JOANNA BEER, CECILIE LøVESTAM & ANNA LUCAS, Generation Focus Learn how to create and execute a recruitment plan, strategies for recruiting quality respondents, practices for engaging and motivating participants, and more. Overview This tutorial was conducted at EPIC2021. Exercises and discussions have been omitted to protect the privacy of participants. This tutorial teaches best practices for human-centered recruitment and strategies to create win-win-win experiences for participants, clients and recruiters. Participant recruitment is a comprehensive process. It involves several activities, including identifying qualified participants, explaining the study to potential candidates, obtaining informed consent, and retaining participants until the study is completed. Finding, recruiting, and retaining articulate and engaged participants in the right target audience is critical for the success of a study. In this interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to create and execute a recruitment plan,...