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Remote Research and the Challenge of ‘Being There’

An EPIC Talk with RITA DENNY, SUSAN FAULKNER, JULIA KATHERINE HAINES & LEE RYAN Overview In our goal to understand meanings and practices, logics and relationships, cultural and social phenomena, our ethnographic practice hinges on ‘being there.’ Now, the coronavirus pandemic has radically restricted our ability to share physical space with research participants, stakeholders, clients, and colleagues. As we adopt new tools and strategies for remote and virtual research, it's crucial to ask, What exactly does 'being there' mean? Ethnographers have a wealth of concepts and methods that will help us shift our practices in uncertain times. When we forego assumptions about which people and spaces are most authentic or 'real', we can position ourselves and our research participants in multidimensional ways that enrich our insights and impacts. This EPIC Talk has two parts: May 4: Panel Discussion Ethnographers with decades of experience in remote research will share frameworks for ‘being there’, consider...