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Mapping the Messy: Using Visual Noise to Convey Not All Journeys Are Linear

LISA KOEMAN Elsevier In order to communicate research findings, industry researchers rely on a wide range of tools to convey insights. A prime example are visualisations depicting steps in a journey in a sequential order. The use of such a visual representation is often meant to summarise commonalities in a simplified way; they act as a standalone shareable shorthand designed to narrate ‘the experience(s)’. This PechaKucha instead makes a case for messiness: visual noise aimed to overwhelm. My research on rejection in academic publishing shows that the reality of publishing papers in journals is anything but linear. In order to communicate this message to stakeholders, I set out to paint a vivid picture of endless loops and hoops authors go through to achieve success. This talk is a call for conveying the messy, and an ode to the resilience of academic researchers. Figure 1. Diagram depicting an author’s experience of trying to publish two academic articles. Several loops can be seen: both manuscripts were rejected...