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From Users to User Ecosystems

An EPIC Talk with MIKE YOUNGBLOOD (Youngblood Group), BENJAMIN CHESLUK (American Board of Internal Medicine) & NADEEM HAIDARY (Amazon Lab126) Overview User research and human-centered design help us solve real challenges and create better experiences. But there's a problem: when we explore user experiences, we often frame these as individual, personal engagements with products and services. This can cause us to miss ways that experiences may be interconnected and systemic across multiple users and artifacts. This EPIC Talk will explore the idea of “user ecosystems” and their importance to design and ethnographic research. It will introduce a new book and toolkit, Rethinking Users: The Design Guide to User Ecosystem Thinking. In discussion with the book’s authors and illustrator and breakout sessions with participants and we will explore practical ways that user ecosystem thinking can expand our imagination and our impact as ethnographers, innovators, and designers. Presenters Mike Youngblood is Principal...