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My AI versus The Company AI: How Knowledge Workers Conceptualize Forms of AI Assistance in the Workplace

NANNA SANDBERG Stripe Partners TOM HOY Stripe Partners MARTIN ORTLIEB Google DOWNLOAD PDF GSuite is changing the nature of Knowledge Work across 5 million businesses through AI-powered assistance. To ensure that this evolution reflects the aspirations and priorities of workers, Google and Stripe Partners conducted a multi-national ethnography of Knowledge Workers covering a range of industries. We identified that workers distinguish between ‘Core’ and ‘Peripheral’ work: the work they are paid to do and identify with, and the work that does not contribute to their success or happiness. Workers want assistance to enhance Core work and remove Peripheral work, nuanced across a spectrum of support. This framework and taxonomy has been adopted by teams at Google to inform strategic decisions on how AI is integrated by GSuite. New features are being implemented within Gmail, Slides, Docs and Sheets that bring these principles to life in the user experience. INTRODUCTION AI and automation are often spoken of as...