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Ethnography and Independent Consulting: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving

An EPIC Talk with SHELLEY SATHER, CORINA ENACHE, RICHA RAI & LAURA REISS Overview Our thid EPIC Talk on the latest strategies, opportunities, and challenges of gig work. Last year’s presentation covered how to get started, find work, make an impact, and navigate a career path—watch it here. This year, panelists from 4 countries addressed these topics with a specific focus on surviving and thriving in the context of major social change and economic flux around the world. By sharing wisdom and pragmatic strategies, we can build the collective support to succeed as creative, agile independents. Presenters Corina Enache is a hybrid of two worlds, a strategist in product innovation and an MsC in cultural anthropology. She has been working as an anthropologist in the technology space for the last 4 years having led assignments for companies such as KLM, Wintec, PwC and Harmoney. She is also the co-host of the global podcast project The Human Show, where she interviews social scientists and industry people talking about...