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Holidays and the Anticipation of Ritual

ROB MURRAY IBM PechaKucha Presentation: COVID-19 disrupted so much. It also disrupted rituals, holidays and events on an incredible scale. Many of us lost track of time without these expected markers. But 2021 is all about a new perspective. I found myself anticipating and wanting to engage with rituals as never before. January 2021 was the beginning of a journey to reestablish ritual and patterns of time. I chose to note and celebrate and anticipate simple holidays. This is new territory for me as I did not celebrate holidays to any degree pre-2021. They were noted but I did not really participate. That has changed. The curious researcher in me is on a journey to explore and embrace holidays and ritual. I now anticipate holidays instead of being a passive passenger in time. Calendars adorn my walls and I plan holidays like people plan vacations. And I’m shopping… I think this effort is underpinned by observation. I’m really taking a step back to see these rituals with new eyes. I’m even excited to buy holiday themed...