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Recalibrating a Patient-Centric Perspective in Healthcare Today

An EPIC Talk with SELENE CAMARGO CORREA and JULIANA SALDARRIAGA, A Piece of Pie Overview Ongoing digital transitions, punctuated by erratic responses to the COVID pandemic, are changing how we approach health care as a service and business. This volatile moment invites the design of original and imaginative solutions: we are transitioning to a new patient-centric era that challenges us to embrace physical distancing and technological-driven schemes. Ethnographic analysis can demonstrate which initiatives are truly relevant for patients and help bring them closer to their physicians. This talk will walk through examples of patients, healthcare organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, and scientific associations teaming up to redefine what patient-centered health care means today and how it can be executed. Presenters will cover the origins and shortcomings of patient-centered health care initiatives (patient advocacy efforts, regulatory measures, and more recently, the role of digitalization). Then they will provide...