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Ten People Thick: Design for Change

SUE WITTENOOM The Soft Build PechaKucha Presentation—An exploration of scale in the built environment. Looking first at the graphic scale of building documentation – each layer with its own purpose and logic, being absolutely clear to reduce risk. And then considering architecture at human scale – how design thinking becomes a scaffold for organisational change. It explores how to engage with people in a visioning process, how existing environments shape world views, and how those conversations “scale up” from the individual, through the group, to form the aspirations for one new building, a multi-faith setting in Western Sydney that needs to find a new way to integrate Islamic and Christian theologies. Keywords: User research, Organisational change Sue Wittenoom is the founder of The Soft Build, a consultancy focused on design for change. A registered architect with an MBA, her work has evolved over the past 30 years from architecture to project management, program design, change management and strategic consulting....