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Regional Strategy in a Globalized World

An EPIC Talk with: NIKHITA GHUGARI (Xeno Co-Lab, India) ROBERTO HOLGUIN (Fjord/Accenture, Mexico) TRULS ERIK JOHNSEN (EGGS Design, Norway) YUEBAI LIU (ri studio, UK) MOOWA MASANI (REACH Insights, South Africa) DINA MEHTA (Convo, India) SWAR RAISINGHANI (Xeno Co-Lab, India) Thursday, August 20, 2020 8:00–9:30am San Francisco / 10am Mexico City / 4pm London / 5pm Cape Town / 8:30pm Mumbai *Join 15 minutes early for informal intros & chatter with EPIC members & staff! This online event is free for EPIC Members Overview Culture and commerce are transnational and dynamic, but in many ways, corporations and organizations of all kinds still rely on a static map of the world. Traditional borders and metrics are used to create market segmentations, product and service offerings, organizational hierarchies, strategic plans, and daily work practices. This panel will tackle world regions conceptually and tactically, exploring the ways regional orientations help and hinder ethnographic work to create value for...