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Telltale Research
Telltale Research
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We specialise in analysing human behaviour and in bringing our insights to life in concise and creative ways that guide and inspire our clients.

Privately Owned

We are skilled in a wide range of research methods, which we tailor to each project at hand. This includes ethnographies, workshops, IDIs, online chats and bulletins, cultural analysis, vox pops, social media listening and questionnaires.

Our insights are delivered in powerful strategy reports and engaging consumer videos that bring insights to life and clients closer to their audiences.

We are based in the UK and are experienced in handling international research.

Branding & Marketing, Business Strategy, Consumer Research, Design
Agriculture, Advertising, Aerospace, Airlines, Arts & Culture, Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Biotechnology, Computing, Construction, Consumer Products, Defense, Education, Electronics, Energy, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Insurance, Law & Legal Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting, Natural Resources & Environmental Services, Non-profit, Pharmaceuticals, Public Services & Government, Professional & Business Services, Real Estate, Retail, Security, Services, Software, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Other:
Telltale Research is a multi-disciplinary collaborative and we hire freelancers as and when needed, depending on the project at hand.