The Cultural Research Institute is a strategic ethnography consultancy. We conduct sustained ethnographic research, facilitate intelligent audience insights, and design innovative solutions to organisations’ evolving demands.

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The Cultural Research Institute’s innovative methodology facilitates organisational evolution. Our strategic ethnographies are conducted by a global network of progressive academics, embedded anthropologists, creative innovators, dynamic practitioners, and cultural authorities. Providing qualitative intelligence, unparalleled macrocosmic and microcosmic insights are translated by project collaborators into sustainable solutions. Allowing your organisation to symbiotically address transforming audience and market demands.

Our project-based services include:
Strategic Ethnography, Qualitative Research, Research Consultation, Audience Analysis, Audience Intelligence, Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Insight Identification, Organisational Analysis, Obstacle Diagnosis, Strategic Innovation, Sustainable Ideation, and Organisational Evolution.


Kingston Trinder: Co-Director, Author & Anthropologist
Kingston Trinder is an awarded author and anthropologist originally from New Zealand, and now based in London. Royal Society of Arts and Royal Anthropological Institute fellow, one-time advertising creative and Fabrica Fellow, Kingston possesses an Anthropology & History degree from Victoria University, and a Masters in Material and Visual Culture from University College London. Kingston's research interests encompass unexamined images, artefacts and narratives drawn from marginalised cultures, obfuscated conflicts, imperialism and mid-20th century decolonisation.

Pascale Georgiev: Co-Director, Curator & Editor
Pascale Georgiev is awarded curator and editor originally from French Canada. Royal Society of Arts fellow, and one-time marketing creative, Pascale possesses a Fine Arts degree from Concordia University, alongside a journalism certification from Central St-Martins.

Capucine Labarthe, Design Director
Capucine Labarthe is an awarded art director and designer originally from Canada. Art Directors Club awardee and one-time advertising creative, Capucine possesses a Graphic Design degree from the Université du Québec, accompanied by an Art History certification from Université de Montreal.

Branding & Marketing, Business Strategy, Consumer Research, Design, Innovation, Product Strategy
Advertising, Arts & Culture, Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Products, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Media & Broadcasting, Public Services & Government, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality