Joan Vinyets

Joan Vinyets
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Ethnography is more than a simple record of facts, it's an exploration of meaning: a deep understanding and "actionability" for value creation.

Mallorca 207
+34 609049316
Joan Vinyets
Independent Consultant/Freelancer

I am an experienced lecturer and consultant. I specialize in advising organizations on how to explore and co-create user, consumer and citizen experiences, to understand their needs for designing meaningful solutions. Areas of interest/expertise: Enabling a human centered approach & innovation culture; Emphatic understanding of customers/users; Strategic and "tangible" visualization for innovation paths; Interdisciplinary alignment & engaging "first feel" to share insights for inspiring design.

Branding & Marketing, Business Strategy, Consumer Research, Innovation
social innovation and innovation culture
Advertising, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Computing, Consumer Products, Education, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Non-profit, Tourism & Hospitality