Practica Group, LLC

Practica Group, LLC
Practica Group, LLC
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Anthropological, cultural analysis; providing strategic implications for innovation, messaging, product development or retail design.

207 E. Ohio Street, #370
+1 312 560 3868
Ed Bovich, Rita Denny, Michael Donovan, Charley Scull, John Wendel, Partners
Privately Owned

We specialize in offering anthropological cultural analysis for our clients. We are a flat organization, in which senior partners are on the frontlines of the project from start to finish. For international projects, partners work with a network of local and specialist anthropologists, researchers and translators, jointly carrying out the projects.

Branding & Marketing
Innovation Frameworks
Advertising, Arts & Culture, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Products, Electronics, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Pharmaceuticals