Bad Babysitter

Bad Babysitter
Bad Babysitter
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We leverage the storytelling power of video and photography to deliver ethnographic insights in a more visceral, compelling way.

1434 Louisiana Avenue
New Orleans
United States
Meg Kinney, Hal Phillips
Boutique Consultancy

We help organizations grow by becoming more empathetic to the people they serve. We believe that too often research informs situations but fails to catalyze people toward innovative, transformational ideas. We combine principles of social science, tools of documentary filmmaking, and marketing acumen to present ethnographic learning in a visceral narrative with actionable insights that can be applied across multiple organizational disciplines. Human-centered business is better business.

Branding & Marketing
Advertising, Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Products, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Non-profit, Tourism & Hospitality, Other:
Home Improvement
graphic design/web graphics, social media
project managers, graphic designers