Indicia Consulting

Indicia Consulting
Indicia Consulting
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Since 2006, we have been promoting the use of ethnographic method and theory to the private sector, public sector, non-profits, and NGOs.

427 Peabody Street NW
District of Columbia
United States
Susan Mazur-Stommen, Principal
Privately Owned

Indicia Consulting is a mission-driven social enterprise which defines its primary purpose as an increase in sustainability and subsequent improvement in the natural environment through engaging behavior through proven social science insights and methods. We work in all areas concerning human behavior and its environmental impact, including energy, water, food, transportation, and pollution control.

Branding & Marketing, Consumer Research, Innovation, Product Strategy, Other:
behavior change campaigns
Agriculture, Construction, Consumer Products, Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Services
We have budget for 2 paid internships ongoing in Bay Area and DC.
We hire freelancers in all functions, research, operations, administrative support.