Ethnographic Research, Inc.

Ethnographic Research, Inc.
Ethnographic Research, Inc.
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Ethnography for understanding and improving organizations, products, and services worldwide!

8826 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 204
Overland Park
United States
(816) 931-7772
Melinda Rea-Holloway, President & CEO
Privately Owned

We use ethnography to better understand what people do and say, and why. Ethnography helps businesses understand employees, clients, customers, and consumers. Ethnographic Research uses video ethnography, retail ethnography, one on one interviewing, and participant observation at home, at work, or anywhere consumers may be. Our clients are designers, product developers, marketers, planners, and strategists who need trustworthy insights about the daily life of its consumers and/or products.

Branding & Marketing, Consumer Research, Design, Innovation, Product Strategy
Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Products, Electronics, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Media & Broadcasting, Pharmaceuticals, Retail
Not currently hiring, but always accepting resumes in the event our needs change. Send info to
Always looking to establish connections with good freelance ethnographers in case needed for a project. Send info to