BeyondCurious, Inc.

BeyondCurious, Inc.
BeyondCurious, Inc.
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We use research to generate compelling insights and transformative concepts that produce breakthrough mobile experiences.

3767 Overland Ave, Suite 115
Los Angeles
United States
Nikki Barua, CEO
Privately Owned

BeyondCurious is an innovation agency. We create mobile experiences that empower people and transform brands. We create mobile expressions of your brand that will last and evolve. Our products are more than merely attractive and usable—they are evidence-based experiences that empower the end user. Our designers, researchers, and technologists work in integrated teams, creating mobile experiences that are designed to scale under pressure and built to withstand any challenge.

Branding & Marketing, Other:
mobile development
Airlines, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Products, Entertainment & Leisure, Retail, Travel
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