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Ethnography delivers the deeper insights needed to strategically develop creative and/or marketing recommendations that align with client objectives.

1330 Coronado Terrace
Los Angeles
United States
Susanna Whitmore Fránek, Owner/Cultural Anthropologist
Independent Consultant/Freelancer

Ethnologix is a full service qualitative research firm that specializes in applying ethnography to consumer studies among U.S. general market and ethnic segments (Latino, Asian Indian, African American, Middle Eastern). As trained anthropologists, we don't shy away from the use of multiple data collection methods. We offer culturally relevant expertise coupled with actionable deliverables to ensure successful outcomes for our clients' marketing communication and creative strategies.

Consumer Research, Other:
Visual Ethnography
Arts & Culture, Apparel & Fashion, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Products, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Telecommunications
Transcribers, simultaneous interpreters, videographers. Contact: 213-413-3011.