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Naked Eye
Naked Eye
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Naked Eye works with organisations that are passionate about understanding their customers. We bring the world of the customer right into the heart of the boardroom. We use ethnography and filmmaking to show clients the way people live and what influences their choices.

Greencoat House, Francis Street Add Tag to Answer
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 207 931 6199
Privately Owned

Naked Eye is a specialist ethnographic research agency in London. We are part of Chime Communications plc and work out of our sister agency VCCP. Our team are trained ethnographic researchers with background in anthropology, social sciences and documentary filmmaking. We document people's experiences and use our thinking to turn those stories into brand insights for marketing campaigns.

Branding & Marketing, Consumer Research, Design, Innovation, Management Consulting, Product Strategy
Advertising, Biotechnology, Computing, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Health Care & Human Services, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Telecommunications
We like to work with people with strong social skills, a background in social sciences combined with filmmaking. Contact: