twig+ fish research practice

twig+ fish research practice
twig+ fish research practice
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Ethnography empowers teams to reflect while conducting research. Research not only informs about the people being studied, but reveals a lot about those using the learnings.

405 Waltham St. Suite 152
United States
Independent Consultant/Freelancer

Twig+fish is a two-person, human-centered research and strategy consultancy with end-to-end services including study design, data gathering, analysis, and reporting. We craft credible and creative research study experiences to help teams engage in empathic practices. Beyond the use of qualitative methods to help our clients build a deeper understanding of people, we also actively involve the team to make them better consumers of research. Our custom designs are tailored to team needs and research questions.

Business Strategy, Consumer Research, Management Consulting, Product Strategy
Advertising, Airlines, Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, Banking & Financial Services, Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Energy, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Insurance, Logistics, Non-profit, Pharmaceuticals, Public Services & Government, Professional & Business Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Travel