Weinman Schnee Morais (WSM)

Weinman Schnee Morais (WSM)
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Ethnography reveals a depth and range of consumer attitudes, sentiments and behavior unequalled by our other marketing research methodologies.

250 West 57th Street
New York
United States
Cynthia Weinman, PhD, Principal and Robert J. Morais, PhD, Principal
Privately Owned

WSM is a marketing research firm with expertise in a wide array of qualitative and quantitative methods. Our work ranges from F2F and online focus groups, in-depth interviews, and F2F and virtual ethnography informed by psychology and anthropology to quantitative studies on consumer attitudes and usage, market segments, new product concepts and user experience (UX), pricing studies, brand communication discovery/assessment, and advertising and packaging strategy development and and evaluation.

Consumer Research
Health Care & Human Services
food, beverage, health and wellness, luxury, medical devices, industrial lubricants/paint/chemicals, and more categories at a global level
Mainly qualitative research