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Verilogue augments interactional sociolinguistic dialogue research with ethnographic research methodologies to uncover meaningful connections, identify unique insights, and increase efficiencies.

300 Welsh Road, Suite 225
United States
(215) 394-0300
Privately Owned

Verilogue offers fly-on-the-wall access to candid healthcare conversations between patients and their healthcare providers, untainted by simulation, the bias of an onsite researcher, a video camera, or the need to rely on respondent recall.

Only Verilogue takes brand teams inside the exam room, the doctor’s office, the hospital, the pharmacy, and even patients’ actual homes to capture these conversations in their natural environments. Using digital recording devices or our smartphone application, members of Verilogue’s physician panel record their conversations with select patients each month. Physicians also provide patient chart information and attitudinal data for valuable added context to each interaction they submit.

With more experience in more disease states than anyone else, many of the world’s most respected pharmaceutical brands rely on Verilogue’s proven methodology for providing unfettered access to the true voice of their customers.

With presence in nine countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, our native linguists and cultural experts can uncover powerful local insights to support brands or its development in key international markets.

Only Verilogue offers the opportunity to pull insights from retrospective data as well as dialogues we rapidly collect on assignment and prospectively. With the world’s largest research database of real healthcare conversations, we offer unrivaled normative information, category and specialist context, quality, and precision in data selection.

Branding & Marketing, Consumer Research, Product Strategy
Leadership/managerial positions in client services and business development
Analyst/Researcher (Summer Only)
IRB Protocol Writing, Analyst/Researcher