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Fusion Hill
Fusion Hill
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Ethnography allows us to genuinely understand true consumer need—leading to consumer-centric innovation.

1414 Marshall Street NE
United States
(612) 638-5000
Kerry Sarnkoski – co-founder and principal Kasey Hatzung – co-founder and principal
Privately Owned

Fusion Hill uniquely integrates expert research, thoughtful strategy and impactful creative. This holistic and synergistic approach allows us to build methodologies and create the highest quality, most effective product, brand and marketing solutions for each of our clients, allowing them to consistently meet – and exceed – their business objectives.

Branding & Marketing, Business Strategy, Consumer Research, Design, Innovation, Product Strategy
Apparel & Fashion, Banking & Financial Services, Biotechnology, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Health Care & Human Services, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Other:
Millennials, Boomers
If you share our passion for integrated problem solving and developing remarkable creative solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Visit www.fusionhill.com/careers/ to view our current openings.
We offer both research and design internships twice a year – spring/summer and fall/winter. Visit www.fusionhill.com/careers/ to view open positions.