Common Mistakes of Catalytic Leaders

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November 9, 2017, 11:00am–12:30pm PST
Free online event, pre-registration & EPIC Membership required, max 100 participants

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Are you a catalyst? Someone with a deep drive to change the world for the better? Someone who sees possibilities and opportunities to improve things and an unstoppable determination to move those ideas into action? Catalysts often experience challenges as they try to bring others along on their journeys, for example resistance to change, even fear. In this talk Tracey Lovejoy will discuss the most common mistakes that catalytic leaders make as they move from building a vision to making that vision a reality. She will base her discussion in a common model of leadership—Vision, Alignment, Execution—and share how catalysts can better bring people along to ensure their vision is more fully manifested. If you catalyze within an organization or are enlisting others to build something new with you, this talk may provide valuable insight.


Tracey Lovejoy, the founder of Lovejoy Consulting, helps catalysts and change agents harness their confidence and vision so they can change the world. Catalysts the world over work with Tracey to:

  • Get crystal clear on the vision they want to manifest
  • Build action plans to get there
  • Test and iterate the action plans by DOING
  • Develop their leadership so they can better help others help them manifest
  • Grow the health and resilience of their teams so they are ready to change the world together

In her former life Tracey spent 12 lightning-fast years at Microsoft where she worked at the intersection of technology, design and innovation. Tracey is also an award-winning trainer and the co-founder of the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. As a trained social scientist, Tracey is able to identify patterns that allow her to get to the heart of the matter—both with individuals’ behaviors as well as with teams and systems. She sees things others do not. She is known for directly sharing what she sees with compassion, warmth and an eye toward results. In her everyday life, she is known for optimism, big energy, drive and a bit of irreverence.