How to Be a Kickass Communicator

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September 28, 2017, 11:00am–12:30pm PDT
Free online event, pre-registration & EPIC Membership required, max 50 participants

*This event is over.


As ethnographers, design strategists, and designers, interpretation, translation, and communication is at the core of our work. Whether we work with internal or external clients, a well-developed ability to connect with a wide range of audiences and communicate oftentimes complex information is critical, and can often be the difference between content that is merely passable and content that dramatically impacts business growth and users' lives.

Clear, effective, compelling communication is a form of design – thoughtful writing builds trust and credibility, conveys intelligence, and brings ideas, insights, and innovation to life.

This  EPIC Talk provides a high-level look at our 12 guiding principles that govern and inform writing best practices. During our 90-minute webinar we take an interactive approach to increasing proficiency in communication fundamentals like brevity, clarity, and relevance that are applicable across all types of writing.

  • Recognize the importance of identifying your audience's needs and choosing the appropriate style and medium
  • Learn how to lead with purpose and convey research findings, observations, insights, and ideas in a clear, engaging way
  • Acquire new skills and behaviors that will transform your ability to write organized, persuasive, and influential content

This webinar is for those who wish to become more effective, clear, and compelling communicators, whether the chosen medium is PowerPoint, Prezi, email, text, blog, poster, website, or report.


Emily Hudson Richter is co-founder at word., where she brings deep communication and instructional design expertise to creative content generation. Emily obtained her BA in anthropology and archaeology at Washington University and received a Master’s degree in social science at the University of Chicago. She worked in not-for-profit and research at the Field Museum and the Chicago Botanic Garden before pursuing a passion in education, earning a second MA, and bringing her unparalleled collaborative writing style to word.’s non-profit, startup, small business, and corporate partners.

Bari Wieselman Schulman is co-founder at word., where she brings whipsmart interpretation, translation, and creative communication expertise to thoughtful content design. Bari earned her doctorate in developmental psychology from the University of Chicago, and a dual Bachelor of Arts in psychology and Spanish from the University of Rochester. She is a social scientist, design strategist, and writer with deep experience in human-centered research and design. Her high-intensity creative and analytical mind and keen sensitivity to cultures, trends, and worldviews fueled leadership roles at e-Lab / Sapient, Insight Product Development, Razorfish, Panorama Innovation, and thinkMAGENTA.

Their mutual passion for design thinking, strategic storytelling, and the intricacies of language led them to co-found word., where they ​design compelling user-centered content​ to drive engaging user experience and sustainable business growth.