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Maria Bezaitis
Intel, Portland, OR

Maria Bezaitis is a Principal Engineer at Intel. Maria works on emergent shifts in the social landscape in order to identify directions for business and technology innovation. She leads a team of researchers to explore the changing natures of our relations in a world of more intimacy and integration with technology. She held the position of Director of Intel’s People and Practices Research (PaPR) from June 2006 through June 2010 and finished her Ph.D. at Duke University in French Literature. Maria was a managing partner at E-Lab, a firm that pioneered the use of ethnography and design planning for brand and product development. In addition to her role as President of EPIC, Maria is active on the Advisory Board of TTI Vanguard, a global technology thought leadership organization. Read more about Maria.
Martha Cotton
Fjord, Chicago

Martha Cotton is a Managing Director with Accenture and is the global lead of Design Research for Fjord, Accenture’s design agency. For over twenty years Martha has worked as an applied ethnographer across multiple industries and collaborated with a range of practitioners including designers, engineers, business analysts, marcomms, and brand strategists. Prior to joining Fjord, she was a partner at gravitytank and had leadership roles at HLB, Hall & Partners and Sapient. Martha is on the faculty of Northwestern University's MMM program—the Kellogg School of Management's marquee Design Thinking degree—where she developed and now teaches the Design Research curriculum. She is proud to have been at every single EPIC conference since it began, and has co-led the development of EPIC's learning initiative.
Ken Anderson
Intel, Portland, OR
Ken Anderson is a Principal Engineer at Intel. Over the last 30 years, his research has explored the relationship between identity, culture and technology. Recent research has included a focus on data economy, big data, and the sharing economy. Currently, he is researching technologies and cultural values for social participation. This work highlights the key changes in cultural values with the emergence of a digital society and the importance of these changes for the use, design, and development new products and strategic marketing. Ken’s career has included positions in the labs of AT&T, MediaOne, US West, and Apple Computer. He has published in a wide range of journals and taught at Brown University, Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Bethel College. Along with Tracey Lovejoy, he is co-founder of EPIC. Read more about ken.