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EPIC中国|What is EPIC China

EPIC China is a chapter of EPIC—a global community advancing the value of ethnography in business and organizations. EPIC China is dedicated to promoting ethnographic perspectives in China and building a community to connect, learn, and amplify our impacts together. EPIC China is a volunteer effort that aims to build a local community of catalysts, with UX professionals, product leaders, researchers working in industry and academia, and enhance the connection and communication with the EPIC global community.


大咖沙龙 [EPIC China Speaker Salon]

大咖沙龙 | 双月一期

Speaker Salon | Bi-Monthly

Speaker Salon invites top-notch practitioners in anthropology, sociology, user experience, service design, design thinking, and other related areas to share their unparalleled perspectives, interesting standpoints, thoughtful inspiration, and practical guidance. Each salon is 60–90 minutes long, with 1–2 experts from industry or academia to discuss specific topics, including but not limited to industry trends, practical guidance, case studies, research methods. Speaker Salon is either online or offline, targeting those who are interested in anthropology, sociology, user experience, design thinking, service design in China and the rest of the world.



辟客EPICLE [EPIC China podcast]

辟客EPICLE | 双月一期

Epicle (aka EPIC China Podcast) | Bi-Monthly
Epickle connects the EPIC China community with individuals from different domains who have applied ethnographic perspectives and practices in their industry or academic projects. Each episode is 20–30 minutes, with a conversational and a focus on guest speakers’ stories and experiences.


譯文精選 [EPIC Perspectives]

译文精选 | 一月一期

EPIC Perspectives | Monthly
The selection of articles focuses on novelty, timeliness, and relevance to the industry, aiming to convey and disseminate knowledge, perspectives, and practices of ethnography. While the articles are being translated, our volunteers gradually accumulated and standardized the professional terms related to anthropology, ethnography, etc. An EPIC China Dictionary will be established to help the dissemination and standardization of the knowledge and perspectives.


EPIC中国核心团队 | Who we are

Yushi Wang (石头) / Tingting Zhang (tingting) / Na Mi (Mina)

大咖沙龙 | Speaker Salons
Na Mi (Mina)LEAD/ Xin Sun (Faye)

译文精选 | EPIC Perspectives
Yulin Wang (Yulin)LEAD/ Mingming Hu (明明) / Tianmi Fang (小米)

辟客EPICLE | Podcast
Yulin Liu (渔郎)LEAD / Chenyu Si (阿司)

设计视觉品牌 | Visuals, Design, Branding
Jing Qiao (小乔)LEAD / Elva Guo (Elva) / Yanchi Huang (Yanchi)

主编 / 责编
Ya Gao (大猫)LEAD

China local
Xiaolong Wu (Xiaolong)

Aona Yang (Aona), Haitong Ye (Haitong), Yunnuo Cheng (Yuno)