How Research Can Drive Organizational Change for Digital Literacy and Inclusion

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an EPIC Talk presented by NADINE LEVIN, Facebook

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In this talk Nadine Levin presents research she led at Facebook that pushed the organization toward more inclusive and accessible design. She describes a multi-phase project on digital literacy from inception to impact, including how she scoped and carried out the research; how the team addressed learnings and challenges along the way; and various tools they created to facilitate changes to products and roadmaps. Nadine will also lead a discussion around the varied strategies ethnographers can use to drive organizational change around topics of accessibility and inclusion, providing a forum for EPIC People to brainstorming about how to overcome potential barriers and challenges to having impact with strategic research.


Nadine Levin, Ph.D., is an anthropologist, Rhodes Scholar, and UX researcher who focuses on improving equitable access to technology. At Facebook, she has conducted research on aging populations, digital literacy, and privacy for vulnerable populations.

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