New Job Board and Business Directory

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On the eve of our conference in São Paulo, Brazil, we are proud to announce the launch of EPIC’s Job Board and Business Directory, both designed to cater to the professional interests of our community. The Job Board provides practitioners with the ability to track new career opportunities, from freelance positions to full-time positions and even internships. Our Business Directory is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to find a list of companies that utilize ethnographic expertise as part of their core offerings and capabilities. We will continue to use social media to spread the word on new opportunities.

When we shifted EPIC toward a membership model just 6 months ago, we committed to provide critical content to all of you on a regular cadence. Your perspectives about your work, years of EPIC conference proceedings, and now job opportunities and a database of organizations that invest in capabilities that utilize ethnography are fundamental components of the informational resources required to build a global community. These content categories represent a collective history through EPIC and cater to the individual interests we all have about our respective professions and careers. Special thanks to Tiina Neuvonen of Gemic for her volunteer efforts in support of the development of the business directory.

What we are asking of you is not that you pay for access to these resources, but that you demonstrate your commitment to EPIC by contributing content and joining as a member. Membership does indeed have some privileges. In addition to conference discounts, EPIC members will have exclusive access to the São Paulo conference video online this fall and full EPIC2014 video currently.

EPIC is officially 10 years old this year and we will toast this excellent milestone in São Paulo next week. The few hundred attendees already committed to attend in person will enjoy the benefits of being together in the same physical place to hear provocative keynotes and insightful presentations, and to participate in the debates and discussions that provide the real-time backbone to any community. extends that growing community to every day of the year and to practitioners around the world.

Maria, Alex & ken—your EPIC board

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