Design Researcher


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Runs quick-turn research projects for PxWe Research & Development team and develops compelling, actionable insights that support the development and improvement of products across WeWork Consulting and other Growth and PxWe Innovation functions.

WeWork is looking for a design researcher to uncovering meaningful human-centered insights that drive great design and innovation within the Powered by We Research & Development (R&D) team. Powered by We is a new product line that packages up all of our expertise from building and operating hundreds of WeWork facilities globally and applies it to our larger clients' employees and their workspaces--all tailored to meet their specific business, cultural, and community needs. The R&D function, and the Design team within it, play a critical role in impacting the end user experience of hundreds of corporations and thousands of members globally.

The R&D team seeks smart, humble, confident people. Our team members are eclectic and interdisciplinary, while also having developed or developing areas of deep expertise. We demand high quality work, value curiosity, embrace diverse perspectives, and believe that trust, joy, and connection are essential elements to a healthy team. Our people are great followers and even better leaders.

PxWe R&D

The PxWe R&D team focuses on the employee experience of companies who seek workplace solutions configured to their strategy and culture that improve the design, technology, and community activation of their spaces. The R&D team charts the future of work, develops and tests new concepts, syntheses data and insights, leads research strategy, advises executive teams, and helps accelerate and deepen the impact of WeWork's integrated service model.

About the Role

The Design Researcher is responsible for planning and executing a wide assortment of research projects - internal/client facing, quantitative/qualitative, exploratory/validating - producing insights that can be carried through the design process.

Your main responsibilities include

  • Design research plans, including sample design, screeners, field guides, etc.

  • Execute quick-turn research projects leveraging a wide range of tools and methods

  • Rapidly build low to mid fidelity prototypes and stimuli for research engagements

  • Synthesize and think about systems-level patterns and frameworks

  • Communicate and tell stories using writing, visuals, and verbal communication

  • Make research findings relevant and impactful for design through a variety of formats such as insights, decks, stories, videos, experiences, and exhibits

What you can do and the skills and experience you have

  • 2-5 years of qualitative research experience culminating in a sound ability to scope a research process, lead fieldwork, conduct interviews and do desk research.

  • Ability to synthesize, uncover and articulate insights that inspire great design.

  • Ability to work flexibly and efficiently, finding a balance between rigor and inspiration.

  • Passion and pulse for spatial design, service design, hospitality, architecture

  • High comfort level in working within a self-directed culture and navigating ambiguity.

  • An empathy and curiosity for how great brands, businesses and organizations navigate innovation and design.

  • Experience with unique and novel tools and methods to uncover key insights

  • Experience with quantitative research methods.

  • Ability to create and analyze surveys to impact design.

  • Creative storytelling abilities -- the ability to make an audience think/feel things they’ve wouldn’t have otherwise.

  • Ability to boil down complex conversations into succinct learning goals

  • Ability to articulate the why’s and how’s of design research

Who you are and what characteristics you have

  • Positively dissatisfied with the present; relentlessly optimistic and curious about the future.

  • An instinct for good business leadership. You can balance the tension of profitability, brand alignment, and innovation.

  • Ability to model progressive leadership -- inclusive, inspiring, inquisitive.

  • Humility and curiosity.

  • Demonstrated responsive problem-solving.

  • A passion + deep interest for workplace transformation.

  • Seek and thrive in interdisciplinary environments. You know how to appreciate people who are different from you.

  • Blend professional wisdom and experience with an openness to new ideas and unchartered territory.

  • Self-starter who is analytical, organized, process and detail oriented

  • Willingness to collaborate with multiple team members and assess all sides of a problem in order to find the best solution


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