Design Researcher Lead


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As a Design Research Lead, you will play a critical role to support Design Research efforts at Shure as well as ongoing core user research, concept research, and alpha/beta research demands.

This position will support UX / ID / software / digital / web-related research and support Shure's new Innovation & Strategy structure.

* Provides support for the product management, industrial design, user experience, product design and product development functions through the research of concepts, prototypes, products and end users.
* Provides research results and reports to support the formulation and monitoring of product management, marketing, and business strategies.
* Utilizes a wide array of analytical and research methods with associated technology platforms like Qualtrics or Survey Monkey.
* Provides thought leadership by publishing and presenting analytical and research findings along with recommendations and implications.
* Stays current on evolving methodologies and associated analytical and research technologies and recommends changes.
* Continually works to make the research process more efficient and effective while developing strong partnerships with internal stakeholders within Global Product Management, Product Development and Blue Ribbon Teams.
* Evaluates and manages external vendors as needed.
* Responsible for the overall quality of all design research deliverables.
* Other duties as assigned.


* Bachelor's degree in social, behavioral, or cognitive sciences, such as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Cultural Studies, or Design. Graduate coursework is desirable.
* Minimum of 8 years of wide-ranging experience in design research methodologies and continues developing professional expertise.
* Demonstrated ability of working on issues of diverse scope where analysis of situation or data requires evaluation of a variety of factors, including an understanding of current business trends.
* Demonstrated experience in determining the best use of resources to meet goals of assignments received in the form of objectives.
* Highly skilled with a variety of product, software and technical concepts, practices, methodologies, technologies and procedures.
* Ability to lead cooperative efforts among members of project teams.
* Ability to follow processes and operational policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.
* Ability to develop and administer schedules and establish performance requirements.
* Ability to provide guidance to more junior team members within the latitude of established company policies.
* Experience with advising more junior team members on how to meet schedules and/or resolve technical problems.

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