Director of Experience Strategy and Insight – Financial Services


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Are you a Director of Research with strategy experience (or Director of Strategy with research experience) who'd like to jump into a fascinating digital transformation project in financial services?

I've been a part of EPIC for a while and love the EPIC community. I'm currently leading research on a financial services project from San Francisco, CA and looking for a replacement for my role in Dallas, TX. This role could be remote for a while with intent to eventually relocate to Dallas.

I'd love to work with anyone from EPIC on this role.

This leadership role will initially focus on stakeholder relationships and alignment with the client, strategizing and prioritizing with leadership team, growing and leading a team of researchers and strategists who will work across initiatives. I will work with whoever take this role to transition, and if you have any questions about this role or would like to chat with me about it, reach out to me at

There are a couple other roles posted here on the EPIC job board related to this project: a researcher and a sr experience director (different role from this director experience strategy insight) -- feel free to reach out to me about those roles too.

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