Ethnographic video editor


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For this role, we’re looking for freelancers who can lead an ethnographic interview, who are completely proficient video editors, and who have strong analytical/storytelling skills or a background in anthropology. In your response, please make sure to include a link to a demo of videos you have completed in which you conducted the interview and editing the footage. Please send CVs and example outputs to

Core duties/ responsibilities:

  • Interviewing:
    • Intuitive and empathetic
    • Intelligent thinker who understands the business situation we’re exploring
    • Able to listen then ask open-ended, authentic, exploratory questions to what you hear/see
    • Maintain a non-judgmental attitude
    • Allow for organic discovery
    • Remain objective and curious
    • Feel comfortable pacing an extensive interview
    • Cover a series of topics in as natural a manner as possible
  • Analysis:
    • Complete written topline field notes about your experience with your participant
    • Share, analyze, and synthesize what you experienced with the rest of the research team
    • Feel comfortable offering your interpretation of what you learned
  • Editing:
    • Meet firm deadlines
    • Quick and proficient in Premiere Pro
    • Keep an organized and tidy hard drive and project file
    • Have a sense of storytelling
    • Identify meaningful and actionable data from the raw footage that helps answer the research question
    • Feel comfortable selecting footage that best represents relevant data
    • Know how to export, compress, and upload videos


  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2+ years of experience working in video editing, documentary film, the marketing, advertising agency, or marketing research industry
  • Graduate degree strongly desired, particularly from the social sciences (e.g. Visual / Social / Cultural / Medical Anthropology, Sociology, etc.)
  • Education / experience with behavioral economics, design thinking, UX, etc., a bonus
  • Deep understanding and demonstrated experience with video ethnography
  • Working knowledge of qualitative market research
  • Comprehensive understanding of video production process and associated project management experience
  • Independent self-starter; ability to think creatively, critically, and strategically to initiate solutions and deliver to expectations
  • Deeply empathic in-field manner
  • Exhibits exceptional collaboration and time management skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a high standard of performance
  • Have your own editing computer

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