Human Experience Researcher in the Capital One AI Design Team (McLean, VA)

Capital One

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Design team in Capital One is looking for an experienced, compassionate, creative, and collaborative Human Experience Researcher to join our rapidly growing cross-functional team.

In this role, you will work on designing our suite of artificial intelligence products that aim to help people better manage their money. You’ll guide the team in discovering insights about customer needs, AND you’ll influence the team to use those insights to inspire and impact the customer experience!

Who You Are 

You are a passionate and empathetic researcher with keen observational and analytical skills, an impressive ability to collaborate with other teams and designers, and a relentless determination to do what is right for Capital One's customers.

You can work with minimal direction, and you’re capable of working quickly while delivering high-quality outputs.

You will work on overlapping projects, so you’re good at managing competing priorities and organizing yourself.

EXPERIENCED – You have a deep understanding of research, and you have experience identifying and incorporating human insights into all phases of design and product development. You’re an expert in conducting, sharing, AND incorporating qualitative research, but you also have an interest in and respect for taking a quantitative approach.

COMPASSIONATE and CREATIVE – You are a kind, honest, and generous human being, and you’re awesome at putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You also have a nimble, creative, and pragmatic approach to your work, and you're interested in pushing the boundaries of research.

COLLABORATIVE – You are a team player, and you enjoy working on cross-functional teams. You’ve successfully collaborated with UX Designers, Design Strategists, Content Strategists, Product Managers, Software Developers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and other Stakeholders.

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