Lead Design Researcher/Ethnographer, Customer Design Studio

Lloyds Banking Group

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Research Lead in Design Forward will be responsible for designing and conducting research that uncovers future customer needs in a ten year horizon. They will support a number of Design Projects being carried out under the themes of Design Forward.

The core purpose of this role is to stretch our understanding of the future lives, contexts and needs of human beings. As such there is an expectation that this role will help stretch and challenge the techniques and methodologies that we use to do our future discovery.

The researcher will have wide experience across all types of research most likely centred on ethnographic approaches but also comfortable triangulating the human understanding with data and analytical based trends.

The researcher will contribute to multi-disciplinary collaborative teams led by the Experience Strategists and will be expected to initiate and conduct their own personal explorations into the themes of Design Forward to further the foresight capability of the team.

Within Design Forward you will be Accountable For:

  • Define, plan and conduct design research activities to support the Design Forward themes, agenda and scope of work
  • Explore and share new working methods across multi-disciplinary teams to ensure Design Research remains at the heart of our overall approach to transformation
  • Clearly and passionately share and communicate the future needs of customers by engaging with and inspiring peers in DCX, Innovation, Group Design and other key stakeholders across the Group
  • Demonstrate genuine human-centric experience design thinking and practices for the creation, maintenance and optimisation of all
  • Group transformation and digital initiatives;
  • Support the communication of and training in design research best practice in LBG

In order to do this role you will consult with:

  • Experience Strategist
  • DF Design Lead
  • Head of Insight & Design Forward
  • Senior Insight Managers
  • Senior Research Managers
  • Head of Design Strategy
  • Creative Leads in Design Studio

You will work to inform:

  • Experience Strategist
  • Head of Insight and Design Forward
  • Head of Customer Labs
  • Head of Research

Skills Required:

Candidates should be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience to an expert level of competence:

  • Proven experience with a wide-range of design research techniques, including ethnographic and contextual enquiry in the field, secondary data analysis and individual, group and expert interview techniques.
  • Proven ability to develop and modify standard techniques for specific outcomes
  • Proven ability to commission, run and leverage design research and customer insight/analysis
  • Comfortable with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)
  • Understanding of the competitor landscape and ability to look for gaps to exploit new propositions
  • Proven ability to influence through clear and inspiring communications
  • Proven ability to manage and inspire key stakeholders in the business who come from digital and non-digital backgrounds
  • Proven ability to provide vision and excellent leadership
  • Degree in a relevant field that shows a demonstrable ability to perform to a high level of expertise and competence

Closing Date: 8 August


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