Senior Design Researcher

Headspace Health

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About User Experience at Headspace Health:
User Experience Designers and Researchers at Headspace Health are passionate and ambitious about improving the health and happiness of the world. We are driven by discovered and researched insights about human behaviors. Creative excellence is core to our work and we believe in the power of design to positively influence the way people interact with themselves and the world around them. Our team solves complex design and product problems with our cross-functional peers- content producers, behavioral scientists, product managers, engineers, brand and copy teams, member experience specialists, coaches, and therapists.
About the Senior Design Researcher at Headspace Health:
Headspace Health is seeking a Senior Design Researcher to lead product-transforming and service-defining qualitative research. You possess a clear desire to help people access effective meditation and mindfulness education, mental health and wellbeing tools, and transform the delivery of mental health and preventative healthcare experiences. You’ll uncover human needs and insights that benefit cross-functional teams from behavioral scientists to product designers. The insights you discover and communicate will help the business create supportive, transformative experiences that shape what the future of mental healthcare can look like.
The ideal candidate is driven by clear and deep human insight, a poet’s love for the written word, and a consultant’s love for working with all levels of the business to share human stories and direction. 

How your skills and passion will come to life at Headspace Health:

    • Partner with cross-functional teams to define the most important research questions, scope and conduct research to address those, and identify the most relevant and actionable insights.
    • Draw on your expertise in ethnographic and qualitative research methods to establish trust, openness, and care with participants and uncover deep insights about our current and future Members’ needs.
    • Conduct remote and occasionally in-person research using a variety of qualitative methods (contextual inquiry, ethnographic observation, diary studies, interviews, co-design and co-creation) focused primarily on the discovery phase of projects and to also include work on validation & usability testing, as needed.
    • Work with cross-functional peers in behavioral science, care services & operations, user experience, service design, engineering, product, marketing, brand, and content to collaborate on research initiatives that define new ways of helping our Members.
    • Facilitate synthesis and sensemaking with cross-functional teams to generate frameworks and evaluate compelling opportunities for design.
    • Creatively and compellingly share the insights and human stories uncovered in your research.
    • Serve as an active voice and advocate for human-centered product and service improvements grounded in your research that help better serve Member, Customer, and Clinician needs.
    • Help teach and guide other designers and cross-functional teams in how to understand customer problems, apply research insights to generate solutions to those problems, and design and validate these solutions.
    • Help bring new offerings to life that meet discovered human needs.

What you’ve accomplished:

    • 5-7+ years of relevant work experience
    • Excellent storytelling, facilitation, and collaboration skills
    • Deep fluency with the human-centered design process and an ability to teach and guide teams through each stage
    • Deep qualitative research experience and ideally familiarity with integrating quantitative analysis and other mixed methods approaches
    • Familiarity with remote ethnography, survey, and usability tools to include dscout, Typeform, SurveyMonkey,, and/or User Interviews
    • Fluency with rapid prototyping and experience advising on evaluative research efforts
    • 1-2+ years working within mental health, healthcare, or wellbeing services is a plus

Desired skills & traits for this role:

    • You are a systems thinker. You consider the interactions people have with not only software, but complex systems, services, and each other.
    • You will contribute to Member understanding and insights across the business, ensuring every employee knows how our current Members are experiencing our service and what future Members need from it as we continue to expand access.
    • You have an up-to-date understanding of design research best practices and digital service trends and are also comfortable continually exploring new paradigms to evolve your practice.
    • You’re a problem solver, you think big, and explore divergent ideas/concepts to inspire others and bring new ideas to the table.
    • You are comfortable moving medium-to-large projects through ambiguity and sensemaking and providing guiding clarity and direction throughout.
    • You’re a passionate advocate for rigor and ethics throughout the research process.

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