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Join us to help lead, envision and shape the future of the User Research group at Audible!

A little about Audible UX Research Group
We're a fun and diverse team and we work on Audible -- a deeply meaningful product for millions of people, that gives people back time, and access to learning and literature in the age of distraction. We are based at Audible HQ in Newark, New Jersey.

A little about the role (you)
You’re are perpetually inquisitive and embrace the challenge of unstructured asks from stakeholders.
You’re a detail-oriented person when it comes to collecting user research but also do not lose sight of the big picture when it comes to analysis and drawing relevant and meaningful insights. You are also one who is confident in your thoroughness when it comes to user research and welcome opportunities to defend the logic and reasoning behind your insights and recommendations.

You’re a born collaborator, eager to work side-by-side with high-performance multidisciplinary designers, product managers and technologists exploring the limits of audio content discovery, subscription and consumption experiences.

· Manage a growing group of user researchers.
· Define, track and report key user experience metrics.
· Maintain and evangelize the vision of Audible’s User Research vision.
· Distill research questions into well thought-out research plans and aligning them with product roadmap.
· Identify best research methods based on research goals, timeline and resourcing.
· Develop and implement user-centered research throughout the design and development cycle using a variety of methodologies including: usability task scenario studies, contextual inquiry, diary studies, task analysis, heuristic evaluation, benchmarking/competitive analysis, card sorting technique, 1 click testing and other appropriate qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
· Perform quick but thorough data analysis in order to create actionable findings.
· Deliver high-quality research in an environment with frequently shifting priorities and new market opportunities.
· Be a strong and vocal advocate for humanity.

email ilya perchikovsky to apply via Audible internal referral: PERCHIKO@AUDIBLE.COM

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