Senior Research Associate

Conifer Research

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People are endlessly fascinating, don’t you think? We do. Conifer Research is seeking a curious and empathetic Senior Researcher who is passionate about understanding what makes people tick and translating that insight to our clients to help drive strategy and innovation. In this role, you will have opportunities to work on projects across numerous industries, wearing many hats along the way – from researcher to strategist to storyteller to user advocate.


Conifer Research brings practical insight to companies that wish to change and innovate. Through an ethnographic approach to research, we help our clients embed their creativity into an understanding of the everyday lives of people they hope to engage – customers, workers, and end-users. Our seasoned team of anthropologists, strategists, and information designers act as consultants, facilitators, and coaches, to help organizations gather deep insights.

Clients come to Conifer for many reasons, but with a common challenge: How do we align business activities better with the real lives and needs of customers? We have experience in retail, consumer goods and lifestyles, financial services, healthcare, and digital products. Some clients include Sonos, Samsung, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Discover, Lowe’s, CarMax, Ferrara Candy Company and more.

Ideal candidates should:

  • Be well-versed in a variety of research methods (ethnographic, remote research, evaluative testing)
  • Have experience working in a consultative environment
  • Be strategic, flexible, collaborative, and passionate about advocating for user needs
  • Have 5+ years of relevant experience in research or insights
  • Exhibit a charismatic presence when sharing user stories and insights
  • Be driven to actively engage in thought leadership within the design research community


  • Designing research plans that draw on a range of methodologies including ethnography, remote research, evaluative testing, and co-creation
  • Leading internal and client teams through all phases of qualitative research from planning and design to data collection on through a rigorous analysis and synthesis process, identifying patterns, key insights, and opportunities
  • Conducting fieldwork in a variety of locations, both in the US and internationally
  • Communicating with and managing clients for research planning, driving strategic conversations, and translating and prioritizing opportunities into business implications
  • Sensemaking to create narratives that frame research findings in a way that clearly demonstrates the business implications of insights and opportunities
  • Exploring and experimenting with new research tools and innovative methods
  • Assistance with internal business development initiatives

Essential skills and knowledge:

  • Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree in Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology or a related field
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient with Keynote and remote research software
  • Candidates with experience with video editing (Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and After Effects) and/or visual storytelling preferred.
  • Proficiency with video, still photography and audio recording equipment.
  • Foreign language proficiency is always a bonus

APPLICATIONS: Please share a cover letter, portfolio and relevant work samples in addition to resume. Apply through our career portal:

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