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Qonsius Ventures

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We are Qonsius, a venture builder focused on social and environmental impact
We build startups with the aim of creating a positive impact on the world!

We are looking for a Service Designer that help us with an innovator project.

We need someone with 3 years experience at least on the following challenges:

Challenge 1: FRAMING projects: Frame the key challenges affecting a certain system for different ventures and purposes.l Participate in the communications with venture founders to ensure framing alignment.

Challenge 2: CONCEPTUAL SOLUTIONS projects: Define conceptual solutions to systems challenges leading the internal ideation initiative. Communicate with venture founders for transparency purposes.

Challenge 3: VALIDATION PROJECT: Validate solutions through an empirical approach including“reality-approximation artefacts”. Propose, where necessary, convergent solutions to venture founders. Articulate the salient value proposition.

Challenge 4: BUSINESS MODELING PROJECT: Define fitting business models leading the internal ideation initiatives or coordinating the function with suppliers. Communicate with venture founders for transparency purposes.l Participate in the effort to develop relationships with potential suppliers in particular with IP-related conversations.

CHALLENGE 5: Fine-tune the value proposition and business model of a new venture upon launching and traction stages. Communicate with venture founders and rest of team members for alignment.

If you are interested please contact us at

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