Practicing Foresight in China—A Public Event Hosted by EPIC China

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How do businesses and organizations anticipate the future in China and the United States?

Join a conversation with Martha Cotton (Accenture/Fjord) & Rui Rao (Tencent), hosted by EPIC China!

Friday, August 27, 6:30–8:00 pm US Pacific Time /
Saturday, August 28, 9:30–11:00 am China Standard Time

Join Martha Cotton (Managing Director with Accenture and Global co-lead for Fjord) and Rui Rao (Vice General Manager of Customer Research & User Experience Design Center with Tencent) to explore what ‘foresight’ means across sectors and organizations in China and the US. They will discuss the frameworks and methods used to define future business strategies and generate forward-looking opportunities, and consider similarities and differences across national and cultural contexts. With a live translator and transnational audience, we will share concepts, experiences, terminology, and practices to increase understanding and collaboration.

Primary language is English, with live Chinese to English translation. Attendees can chat and submit questions in Chinese and English.

Martha Cotton is a Managing Director with Accenture and is the Global co-lead for Fjord, Accenture Interactive’s design practice. For over twenty years Martha has worked as an applied ethnographer across multiple industries and collaborated with a range of practitioners including designers, engineers, business analysts, marcomms, and brand strategists. Prior to joining Fjord, she was a partner at gravity tank and had leadership roles at HLB, Hall & Partners, and Sapient. Martha is on the faculty of Northwestern University's MMM program—the Kellogg School of Management's marquee Design Thinking degree—where she developed and now teaches the Design Research curriculum. Martha is Secretary of the EPIC Board, is proud to have been at every single EPIC conference since it began, and co-led the development of EPIC's learning initiative.

Rui Rao joined Tencent in 2011, and now he is the Vice General Manager of Customer Research & User Experience Design Center, an expert designer who is responsible for the department design center and brand center. In the field of experience design, he has years of practical experience and masters mature design methods. With the mission of providing the rationale and frameworks that more designers could refer to when designing the internet experience, he hopes to share the relevant crystalized design experiences through his understanding of different industries and disciplines.

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