Advancing the Value of Ethnography

Q&A with Kristen Guth


Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

I am a social scientist research leader focused on change at the intersections of strategy, technology, innovation, and the digital space.

Describe your presentation in less than 10 words.

A technique to fight research amnesia in organizational memory.

Without giving too much away, what is the most interesting finding from your talk?

Frame-shifting research into actionable recommendations across multiple sources undergirds validity and enables people to find new resonance in existing work.

How do you prepare to speak in public? What’s your process?

I run through the slides against a time box and modify to simplify the words and focus on the story.

What was your process for writing the proposal?

I considered the EPIC program theme and topics of interest in conjunction with organizational challenges to research resilience. I identified research amnesia as an ongoing challenge not unique to my company, and selected a case that demonstrated a robust research approach to assist with the problem.

Are you the person who submits at the last stroke of midnight, or days/weeks before the deadline?

I’m deadline driven, so I tend to wait until the last moment to submit.

Is this your first EPIC conference? What are you looking forward to at EPIC2022?

Yes, it is! I’m looking forward to gathering with other skilled researchers, and hearing and learning about their innovative approaches and challenges.

If you could recommend a book/article/podcast to our community, what would you recommend?

Just Enough Research by Erika Hall.

About EPIC2022
EPIC2022 explores resilience, the ability to learn, adapt and evolve with adversity and changing conditions. Who should flex, resist, or adapt? What should be restored, abandoned, or reinvented? Resilience highlights the systemic, interconnected nature of disruption and survival—how organizations, products, services, communities, and our own work can be designed to learn, adapt and evolve.



Kristen L. Guth, Reddit

Kristen is Principal of Product Research at Reddit. She is presenting a case study at EPIC2022 titled “Creating Resiliency of Research Findings: Using Ethnographic Methods to Combat Research Amnesia”.